perjantai 20. syyskuuta 2013


Melty de Granite and Maxima Enfield, Shining Hearts. Picture by Mikael “Elderx” Peltomaa in Tracon 8.

Heidi: I really can't describe all the feelings that came to me when we won the Finnish preliminaries for WCS. I had been following the competition since 2005 or 2006, when there were only couple of countries competing. I hoped that the competition would land to Finnish ground and when it did, I was overjoyed. Once I participated the preliminals with another cosplay friend of mine (and surprisingly we came second) but it took a while I found Maria to compete with me. First plans never went through and on second time we came to second place which was a happy surprise too. This year I wasn't too hopeful and thus, when the judges shouted our competition number and that it was us who won... well, even stone faced me shed a couple of tears.

Maria: "A couple of tears", that's some underestimation, I saw you Heidi on stage! (Heidi: Well sorry! Actually, those weren't really tears but something like....rain) I'm used to crying everytime there's something happy or sad or otherwise emotional thing going on, so no suprise I cried like a baby. And apparently screamed so loud Heidi almost lost her hearing. Not seeing other pairs performances made it hard to guess who did well, but I was pretty sure we would not be on the top three. So what a suprise when we really won!

Maria: So for the past week after the preliminary we've been talking a lot about what we want to do and how we want everyone to be able to follow our adventure, not only in Japan but before that as well. That's why we have this blog. And a Facebook page. And twitter. And tumblr.

Heidi: So this blog entry would be a headstart to our journey. We hope to have a fun week in Nagoya; Japan next year and we also truly hope that everyone can enjoy following us and also find encouragement to participate to WCS themselves!

You can find us from these places: On Tumblr (very much under construction, do beware of a 2D-butt)

And you can read more about us here: Heidi and Maria


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